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Shared LSP

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A Shared Technology Platform for PASCAL Libraries

PASCAL libraries are engaged in the procurement and implementation of a common next generation platform that will reduce costs, improve the research experience for students and faculty, and allow libraries to better manage their resources. PASCAL seeks to replace the aging library management systems currently used by South Carolina’s academic library community with a common, next generation Library Services Platform (LSP). A shared platform would expand collaborative efforts among PASCAL libraries and support key elements of PASCAL’s strategic agenda.

A shared platform will:

Manage print and digital collections
The legacy systems currently in use cannot accommodate the data-management, licensing, and end-user needs of the digital environment. A modern, shared solution will integrate the management of print and digital content, allowing libraries to streamline workflows and improve the user experience.

Build collections collaboratively
A shared platform will allow libraries to easily view other members’ collections, make informed decision on purchases, and extend their aggregated buying power when acquiring resources. Powerful analytic tools will provide insight into the composition and usage of our statewide collection, enabling libraries to better meet the needs of their patrons.

Improve Discovery 
A next generation discovery platform will provide a single, intuitive search interface for all library resources. Many SC libraries don’t currently have a discovery tool, meaning users must perform multiple searches across dozens of interfaces. With a shared platform, all SC students will benefit from a powerful search tool that allows them to quickly find resources on their own campus and those available through the PASCAL community.

Streamline workflows
Currently, PASCAL libraries must enter data into multiple systems and often that data can’t be shared across platforms. A unified platform will reduce or eliminate redundancies, and a next generation solution will integrate seamlessly with multiple campus systems, allowing libraries to automate loading of patron data and more.

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