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Catalog Design Committee

Catalog Design Committee (Inactive as of 7/1/2018)

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The PASCAL Catalog Design Committee provides oversight of, and recommendations for, the cataloging, holdings, and indexing functions of the PASCAL Union Catalog (PASCALCat).  The range of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Recommends, reviews, and updates cataloging and indexing guidelines for the PASCAL Union Catalog, which includes minimum cataloging and authority standards as well as determining master record priority
  • Proposes special projects and new system features that would increase the utility of the PASCAL Union Catalog, and receives suggestions from the larger PASCAL membership for the same
  • Contributes to conducting special projects and the implementation of system features upon request of the Program Committee and under direction of PASCAL staff
  • As necessary, provides liaisons and maintains close communication with committees and task forces charged with oversight of other programs that require input from the catalog design committee or whose activities might affect the union catalog.

The committee will work with PASCAL staff to accomplish its mission and will report regularly to the program committee.  It will make periodic reports to the membership and board. 

Addendum, 10/24/17:

The CDC is asked to support planning for migration and implementation of the Shared Library Service Platform through the following activities:

  1. Continuing ongoing efforts to develop an inventory of migration preparation activities that member libraries should consider initiating;
  2. Supplement this ongoing effort through researching best practices as identified by similar consortia developing shared systems.  This could include survey of implementation websites, contact with central staff and/or member libraries at these consortia as appropriate, and/or literature review.  (Some examples would include, but not be limited to GALILEO, FVLC, Cal State System, Orbis-Cascade, PALNI,  WRLC, OCUL);
  3. Identify major ongoing activities that the  committee would hand over to the appropriate working group in the collaborative management framework;
  4. Identify any major ongoing activities that the committee believes would not be transferred to the new working group (i.e. vestigial functions that would remain in place until migration is completed);
  5. In addition, individual committee members are asked to review the appropriate working group’s charge, responsibilities and job description to determine whether or not they would be willing/able to serve on the working group. 

This information would facilitate the work of the Steering Committee when it begins to supervise the formation of the functional working groups.

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