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Strategic Agenda

Last revised by membership, December 10, 2020


The Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries provides timely and universal access to information resources and library services - through creative use of technology, central licensing, and collaborative action - in order to support a highly productive knowledge environment for students, faculty and staff at every member institution of higher learning in South Carolina.


PASCAL supports higher education and the growth of South Carolina’s knowledge-based economy by providing equitable access to high quality academic resources.

Our Values

  • Embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organizations, collections, services, and programs
  • Equitable access to information resources and library services
  • Transparency, open communication and collaborative decision-making
  • Respect for and between all member institutions and the communities they serve
  • Responsible stewardship of resources; efficiency and cost savings through collective action
  • Innovation and creative use of technology to enhance library services


Strategic Goal 1: Enhance, preserve, and provide universal access to print and electronic information resources to member libraries.


Objective 1.1: Enhance the value of PASCAL Delivers as a universal borrowing program for member libraries through: training and promotion; improved discovery; annual assessment; and continued development of the service.

Objective 1.2: Enhance PASCAL’s electronic resources program through continued growth of core collections and widely used opt-in resources; improve discovery and access through our Shared Library Services Platform, promotional tools, and adequate training; and utilize licensing best-practices for statewide access.

Objective 1.3: Empower libraries to leverage their institutional resources through statewide plans for collection analysis and development that emphasize collaborative collection management, shared access, and shared collections.

Objective 1.4: Pursue initiatives that support shared preservation such as shared off-site storage, last-copy retention, and digitization, in order to preserve and enhance access to the statewide academic collection.

Objective 1.5: Support Affordable Learning by identifying and promoting alternatives to costly textbooks and educational resources.


Strategic Goal 2: Support and foster consortium-wide coordination of technology development, deployment, and training.


Objective 2.1: Maximize the value of our Shared Library Services Platform at individual institutions.

Objective 2.2: Utilize our Shared Library Services Platform to better integrate support for our common collections, access, and preservation goals as stated in Strategic Goal 1.

Objective 2.3: Coordinate the development of best practices and training to help members work collaboratively within the Shared Library Services Platform.

Objective 2.4: Develop additional infrastructure tools such as project management, authentication, communication, privacy, and security applications that support our objectives in Strategic Goals 1 and 2.


Strategic Goal 3: Nurture relationships with key partners.


Objective 3.1: Establish a clear brand and message for the organization and improve channels of communication with both member libraries and relevant external constituencies, both on campuses and elsewhere within the state.

Objective 3.2: Strengthen the recognition of PASCAL within South Carolina higher education and government.


Strategic Goal 4: Ensure long term fiscal sustainability.


Objective 4.1: Assess and communicate PASCAL’s value proposition, effectiveness of programs, and return on investment to member libraries and institutions, and to key external constituencies.

Objective 4.2: Ensure that fee structures safeguard long term fiscal sustainability and support ongoing programs and new initiatives.

Objective 4.3: Work with Commission on Higher Education and other stakeholders to secure permanent funding for ongoing program expenditures and core resources.

Objective 4.4: Assess PASCAL’s governance and staffing structures to ensure the organization is able to support ongoing, emerging, and future initiatives.

PASCAL Mission Statement approved 2010; Last revised June 11, 2015

Strategic Agenda last revised December 10, 2020

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The Statewide Electronic Library for Higher Education is coordinated by PASCAL, its members and other partners.
Funding is provided by the South Carolina General Assembly, PASCAL member libraries, and grants.
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