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PASCAL Governance and Committees Overview

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Meeting Documents (login required)


The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for PASCAL budgeting and financial planning, internal controls and accountability, and compliance and risk management.  The Committee fulfills these responsibilities by carrying out the following fundamental activities:

  • Review, revise as necessary, and approve an annual operating budget developed by the Executive Director and PASCAL staff; submit the budget for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Monitor adherence to the approved annual operating budget by reviewing quarterly financial activity reports prepared by PASCAL staff and other relevant documents; present these reports and documents in turn to the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare three-year revenue plans with PASCAL staff for consideration and approval of the Board of Directors and general membership.
  • Develop multi-year projections to correlate operating budgets and revenue plans in accord with PASCAL strategic plan objectives.
  • Develop policies and procedures to protect PASCAL assets, including but not limited to financial transactions.
  • Ensure that financial policies and procedures are documented on the PASCAL web site; verify that they are followed throughout each year; review them every two years and update as necessary.
  • Review and approve multi-year contracts for goods or services and leases.

Membership of the Finance Committee will consist of the Treasurer, who serves as Chair, two other Board members appointed by the Board Chair for staggered two-year terms, and the Executive Director serving as an ex-officio member with no voting rights.  The Business and Member Services Coordinator provides staff support as required.

The work of the Finance Committee is normally accomplished by email and telephone, with in-person meetings called as needed to prepare the operating budget and revenue plan.

Charge approved by PASCAL Board, May 26, 2015

Committee Members

Name Library Email
Eric Kistler, Treasurer Charleston Southern University
John Kennerly Erskine College
John White College of Charleston
Candle Wester University of South Carolina School of Law
Rick Moul (ex-officio) PASCAL
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