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PASCAL Governance and Committees Overview

PASCAL Board of Directors Election – June 1-8, 2020

The PASCAL Board of Directors is the governing and policy-making body that oversees PASCAL programs, finances and staff.  More information about the board may be found here

PASCAL is holding an election June 1-8, 2020 for the following four seats on the Board of Directors:

  • Public, At Large Member (2 Seats Open)
  • Independent College Member (2 Seats Open)

Please note that all member libraries should vote for every seat. Library Deans/Directors or their designated representative for PASCAL will vote. The Board’s Nominations & Elections Committee’s Ex Officio member will tabulate results of the election.

The slate of candidates for each seat is available below. A link to the online ballot will be emailed to all Library Deans/Directors.

Candidates: Independent Institutions, 2020-23 (2 Seats)

Name/Title: John Kennerly, Associate Dean of the Library and Institutional Effectiveness

Institution: Erskine College

PASCAL Programs: SLSP, PASCAL Delivers, E-Resources

John Kennerly is the Associate Dean of the Library and Institutional Effectiveness at Erskine College where he has served for 25 years. He has formerly served on the PASCAL Board in 2004-2011 and 2014-2018  (Treasurer, 2006-2010; Chair, 2015-16) and was involved in the development of PASCAL. He also served on the executive committee of SCLA in 2014-2017 (President, 2016).  John was born in NC and grew up in SC. He has deep roots in the Carolinas and has spent all of his professional higher ed career in SC. His twin daughters are rising seniors at Furman University.  He says, "I would be more than willing to rejoin the PASCAL Board again to help continue the important work that is being done across the state."

Name/Title: Eric Kistler, Library Director

Institution: Charleston Southern University

PASCAL Programs: SLSP, PASCAL Delivers, E-Resources

Eric Kistler began serving as the Library Director at Charleston Southern University in July 2018. He currently serves on the SLSP Migration Steering Committee and also as Migration Lead Backup for CSU. Prior to arriving in South Carolina, Mr. Kistler was the first law librarian hired to prepare for the opening of a new law school at Liberty University in 2003. He served the Ehrhorn Law Library as Head of Access and Electronic Resources from 2003-2013, then as Associate Librarian for Collection Management from 2013-2018. From 1998-2003 he was Information Technology Librarian at Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law.


Name/Title: Cynthia Snell, Library Director

Institution: Columbia International University

PASCAL Programs: E-Resources

Education - MS in Library Science, MS in Instructional Technology, MA in Pastoral Counseling, MBA in Leadership, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership. I will also have a certificate in Copyright Law by the end of June. Professional background or current employment - I currently serve as the Library Director at the G Allen Fleece Library and as an Instructional Designer for Columbia International University. I have worked in technical services (cataloging, acquisitions, electronic resources) since 1999 for various Universities.


Candidates: Public Institution, At-Large, 2020-23 (2 Seats)

Name/Title: Mary Orem, Learning Commons Director

Institution: Tri-County Technical College

PASCAL Programs: SLSP, PASCAL Delivers, E-Resources

Mary Orem's vision to create an effective learning commons began in her 24th year as a high school library media specialist in Anderson School District One.  Upon becoming the Learning Commons Director at Tri-County Technical College in 2015, she has been working to transform the College's traditionally separate library and tutoring services into an integrated Learning Commons with a single mission statement that redefines their common goals and pedagogical objectives. As such, she has been instrumental in guiding the development of a unified curriculum across dimensions of library instruction and tutoring services to create an environment that actively engages students in their own learning. By working to foster the view that librarians and tutors contribute to student learning as valuable instructional partners, she has significantly elevated the Learning Commons as a center of academic life on campus.  As she approaches her 33rd year in the field of librarianship, she  continues her goal of broadening students' awareness of their own learning process through the expansion of library and tutoring support services.

Name/Title: John White, Dean of Libraries

Institution: College of Charleston

PASCAL Programs: SLSP, PASCAL Delivers, E-Resources

John White has served as the Dean of Libraries at the College of Charleston since 2012.  As Dean, his is responsible for overseeing the Addlestone Library, the Marine Resources Library, the College of Charleston North Campus Library, the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, and the John Rivers Communications Museum.  Prior to his appointment as Dean, he served as an archivist in the College’s Special Collections, as Director of the Lowcountry Digital Library, and as the Director of the College of Charleston’s program in the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World.  In 2014, he managed a significant renovation of the Addlestone Library.  He is currently the co-Director of the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative and the Co-Principal Investigator for the College of Charleston’s Race and Social Justice Initiative. He has served on the PASCAL Board of Directors 2018-20 and serves on the Board’s Finance Committee. Dr. White earned his Ph.D. in history from the University of Florida in 2006 and has published a number of works on Southern history and politics. 

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