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Collaborative Management of the Shared Library Services Platform (SLSP)

PASCAL libraries have been engaged in planning and discussion of a collaborative model for management of the shared system since 2015. These efforts were led by the Collaborative Governance Task Force (CGTF). With input from members, the CGTF developed a Collaborative Management Framework that focuses on consensus building and enables all member libraries to participate fully and provide feedback.

Multiple teams, made up of member library staff, are involved in the coordination and management of the shared system. These teams look at best practices and provide guidance on how to bring institutional policies, procedures, and workflows together when necessary. SLSP teams work on behalf of all member libraries to determine where it makes sense for libraries to do things the same way, and where it is important to customize at the local level.

Overview of the Collaborative Management Framework:

Shared LSP Teams:

Role of the Shared LSP Program Coordinator:

  • Coordinates collaborative leadership, oversight, and management of the SLSP.
  • Coordinates member libraries, vendors, PASCAL staff, and SLSP teams. 
  • Serves as primary representative with SLSP vendor and any other shared services provider. 
  • Supervises SLSP systems and technology support staff at PASCAL. 

Past Shared LSP Teams (Inactive)

Many talented people across our community contributed their time and expertise to this project, through participation in member forums or by serving on one of the many teams engaged in the investigative and planning processes. The following key teams are now inactive but additional information, including team members, is available below:

Library Services Platform Leadership Team (LSPLT)


The Library Services Platform (LSP) Leadership Team is charged with providing oversight for the library services platform RFI and any subsequent planning, procurement, and implementation processes. The team will appoint members to working groups as necessary and will report regularly to the board and membership.

LSP Leadership Team Members




Sasha Bishop

Technical College of the Lowcountry

Glenn Bunton

University of South Carolina

Kevin Reynolds

Wofford College

James Williams

College of Charleston

Collaborative Governance Task Force 


Approved by the Board of Directors, November 21, 2016

The Collaborative Governance Task Force (CGTF) will identify best practices in the area of governance for a shared library service platform.  The task force will research, analyze, and recommend governance polices and structure to be shared through the Program Steering Committee (PSC) for board approval.  In the course of its work, the Task Force may also identify other organizational innovations that could further improve collaboration among the member libraries.  It may also forward any such observations to the PSC for consideration.  The group will report regularly to the board and membership, and the board will expect recommendations to the Program Steering Committee by February 21, 2017.

Name Institution Email
Christy Allen, Chair Furman University
Rick Moul (Ex Officio) PASCAL
Todd Rix Coker College
Chris Ryan Clemson University
Kulcey Stafford Northeastern Technical College

RFP Working Group


Approved by the Board of Directors, November 21, 2016

The RFP Working Group is charged with providing oversight for preparation of the library services platform RFP (Request for Proposal). The group will employ sub-working groups such as user services, collections, circulation & resource sharing and systems as necessary.  The group will report regularly to the board and membership, and the board will expect the RFP to be completed by February 28, 2017.


Glenn Bunton, Chair     

University of South Carolina

Sasha Bishop                     

Technical College of the Low Country

Heather Gilbert

College of Charleston

Eileen Lutzow

Charleston Southern University

Phil Schneider


Functional Area Teams

These advisory teams assisted with drafting specific functional sections of the RFP document.

Access Services and Resource Sharing

  • Joni Addis, Southern Wesleyan University
  • Will Breard, College of Charleston
  • April Grey, Wofford College
  • Elaina Griffith, Furman University
  • Brandon Lewter, College of Charleston
  • Renna Redd, Clemson University
  • Lillie Ruegg, Greenville Technical College
  • Tucky Taylor, University of South Carolina

Cataloging and Metadata

  • Johnette Brewer, Central Carolina Technical College  
  • Scott Phinney , University of South Carolina
  • Melissa Randall, Clemson University
  • Nancy Sloan, Furman University
  • Cindy Snell, Columbia International University
  • Sarah Spigner, Converse College
  • Martha Stackel, College of Charleston

Collection Management and Acquisitions

  • Lindsay Barnett, College of Charleston
  • Jan Daniel, Greenville Technical College
  • Gail Julian, Clemson University
  • Katie Miller, Aiken Technical College
  • Caroline Mills, Furman University
  • Christee Pascale, University of South Carolina
  • Kirsten Steele, The Citadel

Discovery, Reference and End-User Experience

  • Marilee Birchfield, University of South Carolina
  • Betsy Elsner, Anderson University
  • Haley Hall, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
  • Antje Mays, Winthrop University
  • Janet Ward, Limestone College

Systems and Technology

  • Shawn Carroway, Midlands Technical College               
  • Mary Daubenspeck, SCILS
  • Angela Flenner, College of Charleston
  • Abby Fuller, Presbyterian College
  • Joshua Garris, University of South Carolina
  • Chris Vinson, Clemson University
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