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E-Book Collection Committee

E-book Collection Committee is responsible for coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the PASCAL shared e-book program. This initiative includes both licensed and purchased content. The committee will investigate vendors and models that may be beneficial to members. The committee will also identify policies, procedures and best-practices to create a relevant, valuable collection and to facilitate meaningful use of the resources. The range of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Creating procedures for assessing PASCAL e-Book collections
  • Investigating, recommending, and assessing possible e-book vendors and purchasing models for member collections
  • Investigating and creating various financial plans that include both PASCAL and member library budgets as funding sources
  • Reviewing and recommending changes for license agreements

The Committee will report to the Program Steering Committee and will coordinate with other PASCAL standing committees as appropriate, particularly in the exploration of opportunities to utilize current or future shared resources to support affordable learning.

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