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PASCAL Delivers Service Now Available at Most Participating Libraries

PASCAL Delivers service has resumed at most participating libraries. Our primary goal as we resume services is staff and patron safety. Please contact your home library for information on available services at your campus.

Impacts on Services due to COVID-19: 
Due to campus restrictions at most institutions, Pick-up Anywhere and Visiting Patron services will not be available for the Fall 2020 semester.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect users, some delivery and processing procedures have changed. PASCAL libraries are making every effort to fulfill the community’s needs during this time; however, items will take longer to arrive and, in some cases, may be inaccessible. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery to your home library. Thank you for your patience!

New Discovery Interface for PASCAL Delivers:
In June 2020, all participating PASCAL Delivers introduced a new statewide Alma/Primo platform for library services. PASCAL Delivers searching and requesting is now integrated into each member library's local catalog. To search your institution's new library catalog and request materials from other institutions, please visit your home library's website.


About PASCAL Delivers

PASCAL Delivers is a rapid book-delivery service provided by the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries which enables students, faculty and staff across the state to request and receive books from academic libraries in South Carolina. Over 12 million print items are available and books usually arrive within a few days! Users also have instant access to over 300,000 PASCAL provided e-books.

User FAQ

What does PASCAL Delivers cost?

The PASCAL Delivers service is free to eligible borrowers at participating PASCAL libraries. 


What items are available through PASCAL Delivers?

Over 12 million items owned by PASCAL member-libraries are available to borrow, including books, PASCAL e-books, journals and periodicals, audiovisual materials, sound recordings, electronic resources, government documents, archives and manuscripts, maps, and music scores.


Who can borrow books using PASCAL Delivers?

Current students, faculty, and staff at participating libraries have access to PASCAL Delivers. Books that are not available locally can be requested from other member libraries. Patrons must be “in good standing” at their home library (no overdue books or fines) in order to use the service. PASCAL patrons can also go to other libraries to borrow materials in person using the Visiting Patron service. 


How long can I keep a book I get through PASCAL Delivers?

PASCAL Delivers items can be checked out by patrons for up to 6 weeks and renewed for an additional 6 weeks.


How many books can I get?

All PASCAL Delivers users are allowed to have 50 requests; a “request” is defined as a book at any stage in the system. Outstanding requests that await a reply from a library are requests; books you have in your possession are requests; books you’ve returned to your library that are still en route to the owning library are requests.


Can I use PASCAL Delivers to get articles, videos, or items other than print books?

PASCAL Delivers provides request and delivery of print books from participating libraries and instant access to over 300,000 PASCAL provided e-books. PASCAL Delivers does not currently include request or delivery of articles, videos, or other items.


How is PASCAL Delivers different from Interlibrary Loan?

For users, PASCAL Delivers is faster. PASCAL Delivers is a patron-initiated system; the patron sends a lending request directly to a lending library without involving the patron’s home institution. The book will be sent to the patron’s home institution, at which point the patron's home library becomes involved with the process. By cutting out the library “middle man,” this system is faster and cheaper for libraries to use.


How do I check out books in person at another PASCAL library?

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 safety protocols and campus restrictions at participating libraries, Visiting Patron service is not available for the Spring 2021 semester.

If you’re able to use PASCAL Delivers, you can also go in-person to visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out the book yourself using the Visiting Patron service. Note that Visiting Patron checkouts have different limits from PASCAL Delivers patrons; in-person patrons are limited to three items and the checkout period for these items is three weeks with one additional three week renewal allowed. You will need to present a picture ID and know your institutional ID and the authentication code you use to request books using PASCAL Delivers. 

Additional information for staff at participating libraries is available in the PASCAL Delivers section on our member page.

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