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Shared Collections

PASCAL members recognize the value in common, collaborative collection management. This shared value is underscored in the current 3-year strategic agenda, particularly in the first goal for the consortium; to “Enhance, preserve, and provide universal access to print and electronic information resources to member libraries.”  

The shared library services platform (SLSP) will further this goal by allowing PASCAL libraries to more easily collaborate on collection management and development. In a shared environment, libraries can easily view other members’ collections, make informed decisions on purchases, and extend their aggregated buying power when acquiring resources. Application of these practices would result in a more comprehensive and diverse statewide research collection.

Making change across diverse institutions is difficult and requires intentional planning and analysis. PASCAL’s Common Collection Committee (CCC) is charged with coordinating common collections programs, practices and planning. Other task forces and working groups have been established to address specific issues.

Shared Collections & Print Management:

Project evaluations by the CCC (2019):

Groundwork for creating a common collection strategy:

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