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Consortial Purchasing Committee

Committee Meeting Documents (login required)

The Consortial Purchasing Committee has been responsible for advising and coordinating content purchases since 2001, for both purchases using state funds and institutional (opt-in) funds.  See the Electronic Resources page for more information on core and  opt-in e-resources.

Charge (Approved by PASCAL Board of Directors, May 26, 2015)

The PASCAL Consortial Purchasing Committee provides oversight of, and recommendations for, content most appropriate for acquisition.  The range of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to the following:

  •  Evaluating and recommending resources for consortium-wide purchasing/licensing through all funding sources, including (but not limited to) recurring funds and unclaimed lottery funds allocated through the General Assembly as well as membership dues/fees
  • Determining appropriate “opt-in” deals that may be presented to members on a regular basis, regularly reviewing such offers, and establishing frameworks that determine appropriate offers
  • Participating in the negotiation of licenses for content resources
  • Regularly surveying the membership to determine information needs
  • Evaluating acquired content resources
  • As necessary, providing liaisons and maintaining close communication with committees and task forces charged with oversight of other programs that require input from the Consortial Purchasing Committee or whose activities might affect collaborative collection activities and initiatives

The committee will work with PASCAL staff to accomplish its mission and will report regularly to the Program Committee.  It will make periodic reports to the membership and board.

Committee Members:

Name Institution Email Term
Allison Jones (Chair) College of Charleston 07/19-06/21
Chris Vidas (Chair- Elect) Clemson University 07/2020-06/2022
Paul Cammarata USC Columbia 07/2020-06/2022
Betsy Elsner Anderson University 07/2020-06/2022
Camille McCutcheon USC-Upstate 07/2019-06/2021
Brad Whitehead Midlands Technical College 07/2020-06/2022
Jean Gudenas (Past-Chair) MUSC 07/2019-06/2021
Amy Trepal PASCAL Staff Ex Officio
Rodney Lippard USC Aiken PSC Liaison
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