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Affordable Learning Task Force

Affordable Learning Task Force

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The Affordable Learning Task Force will assess the state of affordable learning programs at member institutions and expand awareness of affordable learning principles, practices and opportunities through training and professional development. It will investigate modalities for expanding affordable learning initiatives in the state through pilot and/or demonstration projects it identifies as promising. Examples of programming include:

  • Providing training and professional development for PASCAL member librarians
  • Supporting PASCAL member libraries in planning and implementation of local affordable learning programming
  • Developing programs to engage faculty at PASCAL institutions in affordable learning
  • Funding and assessing award-based projects

The Task Force will report to the program steering committee and will coordinate with PASCAL standing committees as appropriate, particularly in the exploration of opportunities to utilize current or future shared resources to support affordable learning.

The board has allocated $75,000 for Affordable Learning initiatives to be utilized over three years. It will assess the value and scalability of any pilots it pursues or promising alternatives it identifies. It will make recommendations for ongoing programmatic approaches.

The Task Force will provide an annual update report in June of each fiscal year.

Affordable Learning Task Force Members

Task Force Members: 





Amie Freeman (Chair)

University of South Carolina


April Akins (Chair-Elect)

Lander University


Amy Fyn

Coastal Carolina University


Katie Miller

Aiken Technical College


Wendy Moore

Francis Marion University


Sarah Spigner

Converse College


Ron Stafford

Northeastern Technical College


Tucker Taylor

University of South Carolina


Yang Wu

Clemson University


Amy Trepal


Staff Ex Officio

Kent Millwood

Anderson University

PSC Liaison

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