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SCALE - Adopt & Create OER

Publishing Platforms

SCALE Imprint

A partnership between, Clemson University Press and PASCAL, the SCALE Imprint provides an avenue for authors from any of the PASCAL’s fifty-six member institutions to publish open education resources (OER) through the Press. Named after PASCAL’s affordable-learning program, SCALE (South Carolina Affordable Learning), the imprint leverages existing inter-institutional infrastructure to maximize statewide investments in affordable learning.

To Submit a Proposal

Proposals for books in the SCALE imprint will follow the same review protocols as every other book published by a university press except that the imprint’s Editorial Board will advise on the potential for impact on affordable learning, the number of students who would benefit from the investment statewide, and the estimated cost savings against commercial alternatives. If you wish to propose an open textbook for the imprint or have questions about the imprint, please contact the Press’s director, Alison Mero.

Publishing Guides

Creating OER

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