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PASCAL Contact Information - Public


Name Title Phone Email
Rick Moul Executive Director 803-734-0910
Lisa Frierson Staggers Administrative & Business Coordinator 803-734-0900
Julie Housknecht Shared Library Services Platform Systems Librarian 803-734-1615
Ellan Jenkinson Member Engagement and Training Librarian 803-734-4628
Carrie Johnston Shared Library Services Platform Systems Librarian 803-734-4624
Dianne Schaefer Shared Library Services Platform Coordinator 803-734-0906
Alex Selvey Shared Library Services Platform Programmer 803-734-0907
Amy Trepal Shared Content & Licensing Librarian 803-734-0811

Rick Moul, Executive Director

The Executive Director serves as the chief executive officer of the consortium.  The Executive Director is guided by the mission and strategic goals of the organization and is responsible for the implementation of policies, goals and objectives, and administrative management of the organization.  Ensures that the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and general membership are advised on all significant matters of PASCAL’s business, acts as principal spokesperson and representative for the organization, and, as authorized by the Executive Committee, signs financial, contractual, and legal documents on behalf of the consortium. Provides overall leadership under the guidance and supervision of the Executive Committee or the Board Chair acting as its representative. 

Lisa Frierson Staggers, Administrative & Business Coordinator

The Administrative & Business Coordinator provides administrative, procurement, finance, and logistical support for the Executive Director and PASCAL staff.  Provides administrative support for logistic, administrative, and programmatic activities undertaken by the director, including scheduling, travel, and meeting logistics; administrative support for the board and its subcommittees;  taking and disseminating minutes for board and other designated meetings; drafting routine correspondence, compilation of data for reports, and posting information to the PASCAL website. Under the direction of the director, and in conjunction with Commission staff, coordinates accounts receivable and accounts payables following state, federal, and consortium policies and procedures. Generates invoices for member fees, subscriptions, services, and prepares deposit and requisitions for payment to vendors. The Coordinator also maintains financial reporting and budget information and provides management information to the PASCAL Treasurer and Finance Committee.

Go to Lisa for:

  • Billing questions
  • Contact updates
  • Meeting logistics or scheduling questions

Ellan Jenkinson, Member Engagement & Training Librarian

The Member Engagement & Training Librarian facilitates libraries’ abilities to maximize PASCAL resources and plays an important role in integrating both current and emerging programs of the statewide electronic library into the services offered to their end-users.  Works closely with representatives from the member institutions to promote and support PASCAL programs and projects.  The incumbent will coordinate program assessment and will assist with program planning, project management, and coordination of PASCAL initiatives. 

Major Job Functions:

  • Effective Use of PASCAL Resources & Programs
  • Program Assessment & Evaluation
  • Engagement & Promotion

Go to Ellan For:

  • PASCAL & Vendor Training for our resources & programs
  • Training & Promotional Materials
  • Value Proposition Questions
  • PASCAL Information Distribution (e.g. website, listservs, PR, Facebook, events)

Carrie Johnston, Shared Systems Librarian

The Shared Systems Librarian supports the implementation and management of shared Millennium Integrated Library systems (ILS) for participating South Carolina libraries, and is a member of the team involved in implementing PASCAL’s statewide academic virtual library. The Shared Systems librarian also manages PASCAL’s website and provides staff desktop support.

Major Job Functions:

  • ILS System Management
  • Technology Planning & Development
  • Web Services Coordination
  • PASCAL Staff Desktop Support
  • Borrowing & Delivery Support (Back-Up)

Go to Carrie For:

  • ILS Systems Problems & Projects (ALPSC & PAILS libraries only)


  • ALPSC Steering Committee
  • PAILS Steering Committee

Amy Trepal, Shared Content & Licensing Librarian

The Shared Content & Licensing Librarian is responsible for planning and implementing collaborative collections initiatives and coordinating consortium-wide licensing activities. Manages electronic resource and ebook programs and coordinates collection analysis, management and development activities for the consortium. The Shared Content & Licensing Librarian is responsible for providing leadership and support to relevant standing committees, working groups and task forces and will assist with program planning, project management, assessment, and coordination of PASCAL initiatives.

Major Job Functions:

  • Manages Consortium Electronic Resource & Ebook Licensing Programs
  • Develops Shared Content Policies and Programs

Go to Amy for:

  • Core and opt-in e-resource renewals and licensing
  • Ebook collections and licensing questions
  • Collaborative collection management & development initiatives (i.e. GOBI)


  • Common Collection Committee
  • Consortial Purchasing Committee
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Funding is provided by the South Carolina General Assembly, PASCAL member libraries, and grants.
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