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Teams & Committees

PASCAL libraries collaborate on key issues through the work of multiple teams including standing committees, task forces and working groups. These teams are vital to the work of our consortium. Teams are made up of faculty and staff at PASCAL member libraries who contribute their time and expertise.  A PASCAL staff member typically serves ex officio to help facilitate the work of our teams. Per our committee guidelines, PASCAL seeks to include representatives from all types of member institutions --public colleges, research universities, technical colleges and private colleges and universities - on all teams. 

Standing Committees

  • Affordable Learning Committee - Provides support for affordable learning initiatives in the state; expands awareness of affordable learning principles, practices and opportunities through training and professional development.
  • Collaborative Collection Committee  – Provides oversight of, and recommendations for, PASCAL collaborative collection planning, programs, practices, strategies, and assessment.
  • Consortial Purchasing Committee (CPC) – The CPC has been responsible for advising and coordinating content purchases since 2001, for both purchases using state funds and institutional (opt-in) funds. They provide oversight of, and recommendations for, content most appropriate for acquisition.
  • E-book Collection Committee - Responsible for coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the PASCAL shared e-book program.
  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee - Supports PASCAL and its member institutions in developing and promoting a diverse workforce and to foster EDI in policies, practices, programming, and services both internally and externally.


Shared Library Services Platform (SLSP) Teams:

Task Forces & Working Groups:

Inactive Standing Committees and Task Forces:


Inactive SLSP teams: 

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