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PASCAL Committee Guidelines

PASCAL Bylaws provide the following information regarding committees.

Article 8. Committees

Section 1.  The Board of Directors may appoint committees and task forces and assign them to such duties as may be necessary to carry on the work of PASCAL.  PASCAL staff shall be ex officio members of all working committees and will facilitate their activities.

The following are working guidelines for the Board of Directors, PASCAL staff, and committees regarding committee membership composition, appointment, term of service, and the facilitation of effective committee business.

  1. The Board of Directors will review PASCAL’s committees and task forces annually to ensure that their activities and charges match the consortium’s current priorities and that appropriate representation from multiple types of institutions is in place.


  1. Committees

            Consortial Purchasing Committee

            Cooperative Collection Development Committee [yet to be appointed]

            Delivery and Universal Borrowing Committee

            Digital Collections Committee

            Public Relations/Advocacy Committee


  1. Committee Charges

Committee charges are available on the PASCAL website in the members-only area.


  1. Committee Membership
  1. Committees should include representatives from multiple types of member institutions --- public colleges, research universities, technical colleges and private, independent not for profit colleges and universities.  The board will determine the appropriate size for each committee, based on input from members, committees and PASCAL staff.  Appropriate representation from all institution types will be maintained.  PASCAL staff will serve as ex officio committee members to help facilitate the work of committees.
  2. The PASCAL Executive Director will establish and maintain a schedule for naming new members to committees, solicit names for new members from member institution library directors, and work with the PASCAL Chair to appoint new committee members prior to the annual business meeting.
  3. Committee members will serve a two year renewable term with a limit of two successive terms.  Terms should be staggered to ensure continuity of committee work.  Committee chairs shall continue as past chair for one year as full committee members with voting privileges to ensure continuity of committee work.
  4. New members of committees assume their duties immediately following the annual business meeting.  The first meeting of committees will be held within two months following the annual business meeting and will be called by the outgoing chair.  At that meeting, the committee elects a Chair to serve a one year term.  The Chair is eligible for re-election.  The Chair calls meetings, sets agendas, conducts meetings, ensures that meeting minutes are taken, acts as a liaison to the Board of Directors, attends Board of Director meetings, and provides reports and presentations at membership meetings.  It is incumbent upon the Chair to ensure that meeting minutes are taken and posted to the PASCAL website to provide a historical record for future committees.
  5. Policy and procedure proposals developed by committees are submitted to the Board of Directors.
  6. Committee meeting minutes and work products will be posted to the PASCAL website.
  7. Representatives from any PASCAL member institution may participate in committee meetings.  Ad hoc participants will not have formal voting rights.


  1.  Task Forces

Task Forces are created to accomplish specific tasks as charged by the Board of Directors and are dismissed upon completion of the task.  Task Forces will function under the same guidelines as Standing Committees.


Adopted by the PASCAL Board of Directors

March 25, 2010

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