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PASCAL is the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries

Serving over 220,000 students at 57 colleges and universities, we’re committed to providing timely and universal access to information resources and library services to all students, faculty and staff in the South Carolina higher education community. PASCAL supports higher education in South Carolina through multiple programs including a Shared Library Services Platform for 55 member libraries; statewide rapid print-delivery service; core electronic resources, including a robust shared e-book program. In addition to our key programs, PASCAL provides training and support to member libraries and seeks to foster greater collaboration within the South Carolina academic library community. 

Programs & Initiatives

Key programs:

  • Core electronic resources, including thousands of academic journals covering all disciplines and over 300,000 academic e-books. PASCAL also offers its members opt-in electronic resources from over a dozen vendors in the academic marketplace.
  • PASCAL Delivers, a statewide rapid print-delivery service and union catalog that provides access to over 12 million print volumes housed in academic libraries around the state.
  • Shared Library Services Platform for 53 institutions. PASCAL provides support and systems administration for a shared library management system and discovery interface.
  • South Carolina Affordable Learning (SCALE), a statewide initiative that supports members' efforts to reduce student costs through the use of quality low-cost and no-cost learning materials.

Additional projects and initiatives:

Delivering Value

PASCAL levels the playing field for students and faculty at all member institutions and provides a higher level of academic content and services at a dramatically lower cost than individual libraries could provide on their own. Leveraging collective licensing and purchasing power enhances the scope of collections while driving costs down and reducing duplication.

Since 2004, PASCAL’s statewide electronic library programs have generated over $166 million in cost-avoidance for member libraries.

Annual snapshot (FY2020-21):

  • PASCAL provided over $11.7 million in cost avoidance to member libraries compared to individual market pricing for the core resources PASCAL provides.
  • Opt-in resources produced over 7.1 million in cost avoidance for participating libraries. Fifty-five PASCAL libraries participated in at least one opt-in subscription.
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The Statewide Electronic Library for Higher Education is coordinated by PASCAL, its members and other partners.
Funding is provided by the South Carolina General Assembly, PASCAL member libraries, and grants.
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