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The Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries provides timely and universal access to information resources and library services - through creative use of technology, central licensing, and collaborative action - in order to support a highly productive knowledge environment for students, faculty and staff at every member institution of higher learning in South Carolina.



  • Strengthen the role of PASCAL in order to help academic libraries meet their mission to support higher education across South Carolina;

  • Provide statewide access to essential print and electronic information resources;

  • Enhance research and teaching collections and extend access to these collections through collaborative collection management and electronic delivery services;

  • Preserve research, scholarly and archival materials at South Carolina's institutions of higher learning through innovative use of technology;

  • Maintain support for integrated library systems operations (for participating libraries) and generally foster consortium-wide coordination of technology development and deployment;

  • Nurture relationships with key partners;

  • Achieve and maintain long term fiscal sustainability.

Approved 2010

Revised June 11, 2015

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The Statewide Electronic Library for Higher Education is coordinated by PASCAL, its members and other partners.
Funding is provided by the South Carolina General Assembly, PASCAL member libraries, and grants.
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