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Launched in 2018, South Carolina Affordable Learning (SCALE), is an initiative of the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries that seeks to reduce the overall cost of higher education for students by promoting the use of quality low-cost and no-cost learning materials.

The SCALE initiative supports awareness and adoption of open and affordable materials through multiple programs including:

  • Professors for Affordable Learning (PAL) Award: This award recognizes and celebrates professors who have integrated affordable learning into their classrooms by choosing no-cost or low-cost course materials. 211 instructors from 31 institutions have received the PAL Award. Over 275 courses have been transformed, impacting over 57k students, resulting in an estimated $6.7 Million in costs savings for students.
  • Professional Development: SCALE offers webinars for librarians and faculty across South Carolina on a range of topics, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to identify, adopt, and adapt affordable learning materials.
  • SCALE Affordable Learning Microgrant Program: This program provides micro-grants to support innovative projects on South Carolina campuses that promote the use of affordable learning materials.

Beyond these programs, SCALE works with PASCAL member institutions to:

  • Identify and implement strategies for adopting Open and Affordable course materials.
  • Locate and share open educational resources and other affordable materials among member institutions.

By providing resources, promoting collaboration, and fostering innovation, SCALE is committed to making higher education in South Carolina more affordable and accessible for all students.

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