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SCALE - Grants

Request for Proposals

PASCAL is issuing a Request for Proposals for SCALE Affordable Learning Grants with applications due by April 29, 2022.

Our goal is to expand the availability of course materials that are free of cost to our students by providing funds to member institutions to support approaches they deem most effective for their individual situation.  SCALE Affordable Learning Grants are designed to support PASCAL member institutions in the following activities:

  • Increasing institutional awareness of affordable learning resources on their campus
  • Adopting library licensed materials available to members through PASCAL
  • Creating or expanding programs that encourage the adoption, revision, or development of Open Educational Resources (OER).

Successful applications will be able to articulate well-delineated objectives and must address desired outcomes, including a detailed explanation of how you anticipate that your approach will reduce the cost of course materials for students at your and/or other PASCAL member institutions. Successful applications must also thoroughly address any anticipated challenges and how these will be overcome if awarded a grant. 

All active PASCAL institutional members are eligible to apply for one grant per round of funding.  Members who received SCALE Affordable Learning Grants in 2020 are eligible to apply for another grant in 2022.

At PASCAL’s discretion, projects may be awarded partial funding depending on the number and quality of applications received. Institutions awarded partial funding can select to refuse funding and reapply at a later date. 

PASCAL reserves the right to make all output produced through projects funded by this grant, including but not limited to open textbooks, revised open textbooks, ancillary materials, and supplemental materials, available under a suitable Creative Commons license on the PASCAL website or any other website deemed appropriate. Grantees should take steps to ensure that any grant-funded materials produced will comply with all appropriate laws and regulations to include the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Should you receive an award, you grant PASCAL the nonexclusive right to use all images and information about your program for promotional and educational purposes.


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