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SCALE - Grants

Scope of the Affordable Learning Institutional Grant Program

Eligible Participants

The grant application must be submitted by an individual affiliated with a PASCAL member institution library. Grant funding will be disbursed to the member institution library. Regardless of the participation of individual faculty or staff members, the funding is tied to the institution so the requesting library should plan to see the grant through to completion regardless of staff and faculty turnover. 

All active PASCAL institutional members are eligible to apply for one grant per round of funding.  Members who received SCALE Affordable Learning Grants in 2020 are eligible to apply for another grant in 2022.


Types of Activities

The goal of the SCALE Affordable Learning Grants program is to expand the availability of course materials that are free of cost to our students by providing funds to member institutions to support approaches they deem most effective for their individual situation. Acceptable grant proposals may support:

  • increasing institutional awareness of affordable learning resources on their campus,
  • promoting faculty course use of library licensed materials in their teaching, including materials provided by PASCAL,
  • creating or expanding programs that encourage the adoption, revision, or development of Open Educational Resources (OER).



Applicants may submit a proposal for one of three funding tiers. A budget justification and breakdown should be attached to all applications. Recipients are expected to complete their project within the proposed timeline and should provide reports detailing actual costs and a progress report half-way through the project and should submit a follow-up cost report and outcomes assessment by the close of the project to PASCAL.

Examples of possible grant projects are a program for campus awareness, faculty textbook review stipends, creation of ancillary materials for existing open textbooks, faculty course transformation stipends, creation of open textbooks, subscription to a support service for creating or editing open textbooks.  See the final reports and products from the 2020 Grant Awardees for ideas and examples.

When determining your budget please keep in mind any benefits that you may have to include in the cost of faculty stipends.  Also, awardees are expected to pay for any stipends, materials, resources, etc. during the grant period. When invoiced at the end of the grant period, PASCAL will reimburse up to the amount the was requested in the application.

  • Tier One: Up to $1,000
  • Tier Two: $1,001- $2,500
  • Tier Three: $2,501- $5,000
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