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SCALE - Grants

Disbursement and Non-transferability of Grant Funds


Funding will be released to the sponsoring institutional office after the final report has been submitted, deliverables outlined in the proposal have been turned in to PASCAL or upon documentation of their appropriate distribution, proof of how funding was spent is provided, and the institution invoices PASCAL.  If partial funding is needed in advance for the project this should be documented in the budget and reasoning provided.

Funding procedures largely rely on institutional policies, along with state guidelines. The proposing team must coordinate as necessary with their Grants, Research, and/or Business Offices per institutional guidelines to determine how to handle fund distribution. Documentation that they have established the appropriate coordination with these departments must be included with the application.

Once the final report and deliverables are accepted by PASCAL the library/institution will need to provide proof of how funding was spent and invoice PASCAL using the appropriate grant number and title.

The SC Commission on Higher Education will generate a direct payment to the institution through the SC Department of Administration.  

Partial Funding

At PASCAL’s discretion, projects may be awarded partial funding depending on the number and quality of applications received. Institutions awarded partial funding can select to refuse funding and reapply at a later date.

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