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SCALE - Grants

Application Process

Table of contents

  1. Prepare for your application
    1. Identify the funding tier for your application
    2. Understand how your application will be reviewed
  2. Submit your application
  3. Review process
  4. Notification of decision
  5. Report on your project’s activity

Prepare for your application

Identify the funding tier for your application

Before submitting a SCALE Affordable Learning Grant application, make sure that your proposed activity is eligible for a Grant and identify which funding tier you should apply for: Tier One (up to $1,000); Tier Two ($1,001-$2,500); or Tier Three ($2,501-$5,000). These are explained under Scope of program, but if you’re not sure, ask us ( 


Understand how your application will be reviewed

Each application is reviewed on criteria common to all applications. Consult the review criteria that apply to all applications before drafting your application.       


Submit your application

Applications should be submitted via the SCALE Affordable Learning Grant Application form by the Project Lead. The Project Lead is the person responsible for completion of the activity as planned, accounting for the use of awarded funds, and reporting on the activity after completion. In the event that the Project Lead leaves employment at the PASCAL institution during the grant period, the institution is responsible for oversight of the approved grant including completion according to the Affordable Learning Institutional Grant Program timeline.

Instructions for submitting the application:
  1. The Project Lead should draft and save their responses elsewhere (e.g. in a word document) before copying them to the application form.
  2. The Project Lead should fill in the application form and submit it along with all required documents and endorsements. 

The application must be submitted by midnight EDT on September 30, 2020

Review Process

Applications are received by PASCAL and distributed to an external Grant Review Committee. The Grant Review Committee is composed of out-of-state reviewers selected by PASCAL. The Grant Review Committee will evaluate the proposals using a review criteria that includes the following:

  • Intended purpose of activity
  • Clearly described outline for the project
  • Clearly defined outcomes and evaluations
  • Clear understanding of challenges that could be encountered and plans to mitigate them

Applications are evaluated according to the review criteria. The Grant Review Committee may contact a campus partner to provide an expert opinion on applications related to work being done in conjunction with them.

Notification of decision

All Project Leads will be notified about the status of their grant proposal by October 21, 2020. 

Report on your project’s activity

Institutional Grant Program awardees are required to submit a progress report half-way through the project (by May 30, 2021) as well as a final report no later than October 31, 2021, Follow the Reporting & Sharing of Outcomes guidelines while drafting and submitting your reports. Grant recipients are also expected to present on their project at the October 2021 PASCAL Town Hall.

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