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User FAQ

How is PASCAL Delivers different from Interlibrary Loan?

The PASCAL Delivers turnaround time is faster than typical Interlibrary Loan.  PASCAL Delivers is a patron-initiated system; a request is sent directly to a lending library without involving the patron’s home institution.  The book will be sent to the patron's preferred pickup institution, at which point a second library becomes involved with the process.  By cutting out the library “middle man,” this system is faster and cheaper for libraries to use.


What does PASCAL Delivers cost?

The PASCAL Delivers service is free to eligible borrowers at participating PASCAL libraries. 


What items are available through PASCAL Delivers?

Over 12 million items owned by PASCAL member libraries are available to borrow, including books, journals and periodicals, government documents, PASCAL e-books and electronic resources, and audiovisual materials, in addition to partial items, such as chapters or articles.


Who can borrow using PASCAL Delivers?

Current students, faculty, and staff at participating libraries have access to PASCAL Delivers.  Patrons must be in "good standing” at their home library (no overdue books or fines) in order to use the service.


How many books can I borrow?

All PASCAL Delivers users are allowed to borrow a maximum of 25 items from another member library. 


How many articles/chapters can I request?

All PASCAL Delivers users are allowed to request a maximum of 5 articles/chapters at one time from another member library.


How long can I keep a book I get through PASCAL Delivers?

PASCAL Delivers items can be loaned for up to 6 weeks and renewed for an additional 6 weeks.


Can I pick up materials at a library other than my home institution?

Patrons may request items from another PASCAL Delivers member institution and specify any participating pickup location for their request. This includes an institution that is neither the patron’s home institution nor the item’s owning institution. Patrons will find a list of pickup location options in the request form.


Can I visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out materials?

Patrons may visit any participating PASCAL Delivers institution in person to browse and checkout items.  Only items that are available for request via PASCAL Delivers are available for checkout to Visiting Patrons.  When planning to visit a participating PASCAL Delivers institution, be sure to check their hours of operation.  Patrons visiting other PASCAL Delivers library facilities must abide by the visitor policies of the institution and library building which they are visiting.  When borrowing materials onsite at another PASCAL Delivers library, patrons must present a current, valid identification card from their home institution.


Can I visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out materials?

Patrons may return their PASCAL Delivers items to any PASCAL Delivers member institution.


Additional information for staff at participating libraries is available in the PASCAL Delivers section on our member page.

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