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Supporting Digital Collections

PASCAL has supported a digital library initiative in South Carolina for many years.  Most recently, PASCAL authorized use of a portion of lottery funds provided by the SC General Assembly to support member library participation in the Internet Archive's mass digitization Project.  Up to 25,000 pages of primary source material relating to South Carolina's academic and urban heritage will be made available to citizens and the world through this project.  The South Carolina Digital Library (SCDL) will coordinate the effort and digitization will be done by Lyrasis.  Support for Lyrasis and Internet Archive is from a grant from the Andrew Mellon foundation.

This process continues over a decade of productive collaborations between PASCAL and a number of partners.

A digital collections initiative was an integral part of PASCAL's long range plan published in May 2001. Starting in 2003, the South Carolina State Library made a series of consecutive LSTA grants through PASCAL to support development. Between 2003 and 2005, alternatives were explored, foundations were laid, and some prototypes were developed. During a hiatus in LSTA funding in 2006-7, stakeholders worked on developing a model for a sustainable South Carolina Digital Library and the SCDL was launched.

Between 2007 and 2010, PASCAL again managed LSTA grants and the SCDL emerged in its present form. Program Development was led by the Digital Collections manager at the University of South Carolina and, in collaboration with Clemson, the College of Charleston and Coastal Carolina University/Georgetown Public Library; four regional scanning centers were established. Starting in FFY 2010-11, USC Columbia began to manage the LSTA grant for the SCDL.


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