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Shared Collections & Print Management Task Force

Task Force Meeting Documents (login required)

In FY18-19, PASCAL staff and Common Collection Committee members collaborated with librarians at USC Columbia to explore the need for, and feasibility of, a collaborative shared print management strategy.  An Andrew Mellon Foundation planning grant received by USC Columbia funded this work.

The resulting report identified an urgent statewide need for print management solutions at many PASCAL libraries and made recommendations for addressing this need. Recommendations included an expansion of USC Columbia’s high-density storage facility, use of PASCAL’s shared library services platform for collection analysis, and expansion of PASCAL’s existing print delivery program to include scan and delivery service in addition to monograph delivery.

Shared Collections & Print Management Task Force Charge:

  • Identify viable short- and long-term solutions for addressing needs identified in the planning grant report.
  • Present options for governance and business models, with an emphasis on fiscal sustainability, that could maintain long term shared collections & print management collaboration.
  • Identify analytic requirements necessary to develop a comprehensive collaborative collections strategy.

These recommendations will be based upon data presented in the report as well as additional information gathered by the task force.


  • Preliminary findings to be presented to membership at the PASCAL Town Hall Meeting in October 2019 for feedback.
  • Final report to be presented to membership at the PASCAL Membership Meeting in December 2019 for approval.
  • Approved report to be presented to the administration of USC and/or CHE in spring 2020 to be incorporated into the budget planning process for FY20-21.

The task force may draw on the Common Collections Committee, PASCAL staff, and member librarians for support as needed.

Composition of Task Force:

The task force, appointed by the board, will include at least five librarians representing PASCAL’s community of interest, a PASCAL staff member, and a board member.

Task Force Members:

Name Institution Email
Miranda Bennett USC Columbia
Lori Hetrick Spartanburg Methodist College
John Kennerly Erskine College
Rodney Lippard USC Aiken
Mary Orem Tri-County Technical College
Rick Moul PASCAL
Amy Trepal PASCAL
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