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Systems Working Group

Function: Investigates new solutions and continually assesses existing systems against emerging needs and technological changes to ensure agility and achieve improved functionality, efficiency, and interoperability.

Expectations and Responsibilities:  

  • Monitoring vendor compliance with Service Level Agreements and general performance of customer support.
  • Defining and implementing system access and permissions, printing requirements, batch loading rules/schedules, and data conversion requirements.
  • Facilitating interoperability with third-party systems, such as Banner, PeopleSoft, EZProxy, OpenAthens, etc.
  • Providing recommendations to the SLSP Coordinator regarding the ongoing maintenance of the SLSP Help Desk.
  • Coordinating release testing and training with all other Working Groups.
  • Advising on the configuration and documentation of the Primo Discovery interface.
  •  Advising in the development of requisite reports for workflow and reporting needs.
  • Identifying system-level enhancements, customizations, and/or problems and communicating them to the SLSP Help Desk and/or vendor as appropriate.

FY24-25 Working Group Members


Name Institution Term
Delaina Zeinoun, Chair Charleston Southern University 9/2024 - 6/2026
Logan Cocklin Winthrop University 07/2023 - 06/2025
Angela Flenner College of Charleston 07/2023 - 06/2025
Pamela King The Citadel 08/2024 - 06/2026
Carl Lominick Newberry College 07/2023 - 06/2025
Chris Morris, Chair-Elect Clemson University 07/2023 - 06/2025
Jason Smith Medical University of South Carolina 07/2023 - 06/2025
Janet Ward Limestone University 07/2023 - 06/2025
Joshua Garris, Past-Chair USC-Columbia Ex Officio
Dianne Schaefer PASCAL Ex Officio
Erick Lemon Medical University of South Carolina Ex Officio, SLSP Steering Committee Liaison
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