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Training Working Group

Function: In coordination with other working groups, identifies training needs, develops an overall training strategy to ensure that staff are prepared to work within the Alma/Primo environment, and plans and creates training materials, events, and programs related to implementation and continued use of the SLSP.

Expectations and Responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate development of training materials that reflect consortial policies, documentation, workflows, and trends revealed by support requests.
  • Plan and facilitate consortia-wide training events and programs.
  • Identify and coordinate with staff at member institutions who will provide hands-on training.
  • Support staff who are providing training by developing training sessions, learning objects, and training materials.
  • Provide guidance on measuring effectiveness of instruction and assist with continued development and improvement of training programs.

2023-2024 Members

Rodger Bishop, Chair Clemson University At-Large 08/2022- 06/2024
Maddie Compton Tri-County Technical College At-Large 07/2023- 06/2025
Amber Cook USC Columbia Access Services & Resource Sharing 01/2024- 06/2024
Jan Daniel Greenville Technical College Cataloging & Metadata 07/2023- 06/2024
Heather Gray Southern Wesleyan University Discovery, Reference, & End-User Experience 07/2023- 06/2024
Amanda Perez Spartanburg Methodist College At-Large 01/2024- 06/2025
Michele Ruth, Chair-Elect The Citadel E-Resources & Acquisitions 07/2023- 06/2024
Carl Lominick Newberry College Systems 07/2023- 06/2024
Ellan Jenkinson PASCAL   Ex Officio
Aaron Wimer The Citadel SLSP Steering Committee Liaison Ex Officio
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