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Shared Systems

Collaborative Management of the Shared Library Services Platform (SLSP)

PASCAL libraries have been engaged in planning and discussion of a collaborative model for management of the shared system since 2015. These efforts were led by the Collaborative Governance Task Force (CGTF). With input from members, the CGTF developed a Collaborative Management Framework that focuses on consensus building and enables all member libraries to participate fully and provide feedback.

Multiple teams, made up of member library staff, are involved in the coordination and management of the shared system. These teams look at best practices and provide guidance on how to bring institutional policies, procedures, and workflows together when necessary. SLSP teams work on behalf of all member libraries to determine where it makes sense for libraries to do things the same way, and where it is important to customize at the local level.

Overview of the Collaborative Management Framework:

Shared LSP Teams:

Role of the Shared LSP Program Coordinator:

  • Coordinates collaborative leadership, oversight, and management of the SLSP.
  • Coordinates member libraries, vendors, PASCAL staff, and SLSP teams. 
  • Serves as primary representative with SLSP vendor and any other shared services provider. 
  • Supervises SLSP systems and technology support staff at PASCAL. 
The Statewide Electronic Library for Higher Education is coordinated by PASCAL, its members and other partners. Funding is provided by the South Carolina General Assembly, PASCAL member libraries, and grants.
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