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COVID-19 Update

 Last updated April 8, 2020

PASCAL Delivers Service Suspended Statewide: Patrons Asked to Hold Materials

Due to extended COVID-19 closings and the statewide “home or work order” issued by the Governor on Monday, April 6th, patrons are asked to hold all checked out PASCAL Delivers materials at this time. Please contact your campus library for additional information on local policies.

On Monday, March 16th PASCAL Delivers service, including requesting and courier deliveries, was suspended statewide and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Staff at PASCAL libraries: We ask that you hold any materials belonging to other institutions until further notice. If you have items already bagged and waiting on the courier, please simply keep them as is and hold in a secure location until courier services can resume.  

For staff that run PASCAL Delivers paging slips and notices:

If you have not already done so, and where possible with remote access to your library system, please run your Paging Slips to empty your pending request queue and then CANCEL WITHOUT RE-REQUEST any pending paged items. This will assist in keeping requests not yet processed from going to a “Paged Too Long” and “Requested Too Long” status in local Innreach reports. If you need assistance with this procedure, please review the documentation provided on the PASCAL Deliver’s member site:


PASCAL Staff Working Remotely

Beginning Friday, March 20th, all PASCAL staff are working remotely, in accordance with the executive order issued by Governor McMaster on March 19th. Although our physical office is closed please know that staff are available and ready to support our member libraries during these challenging and unprecedented circumstances. You can contact us by email, phone, or we would be happy to set up a Zoom chat with you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you during this transition to remote library services and online learning.


COVID-19 Resources for Libraries & Online Learning

As the PASCAL community responds to COVID-19 and moves to remote learning and library services, we are compiling resources that may be helpful to you and your faculty.  We'll continue to update this list, which can found on the PASCAL website, here:  If you have any questions regarding online resources available through PASCAL, or if you have suggestions for resources to be added to this list, please contact Amy Trepal or Ellan Jenkinson.

Information on Meetings  & Events

The Train-the-Trainer Series scheduled for March 16-19 was canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will conduct the Train-the-Trainer Series online March 24-26. Anyone registered for the Charleston or Columbia sessions are encouraged to participate via Zoom. We realize that some people may not be able to participate due to closures and issues related to remote work, child care considerations, etc. Therefore, we will be recording the March 24-26 session and we will post them on the SLSP website for later viewing.

Zoom information will be sent to registrants. In order to retain the hands-on nature of these sessions and keep the class size manageable, we will not add any additional participants.

Those who are registered should review the “Expectations for Participants” and complete the assigned prerequisites prior to participation, including ensuring all required roles have been assigned. Requirements are outlined on the SLSP website, here.



Current information regarding SC college/university responses to COVID-19 can be found on the SC Commission on Higher Education’s website:

We will continue to provide updates as needed. 

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